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January 25th - Private Event

February 15th - Beach Bumz -Carolina Beach 9p-1a

March 15 - Arts Sensation Thalian Hall (time TBA)

March 28 - Beach Bumz - Carolina Beach 9p-1a

March 29 - Beach Bumz - Carolina Beach 9p-1a

May 2nd - Halftime Sports Pub - 9:30p - 1:30a

May 16th - The Pub@Sweet&Savory - Time TBA

May 17th - The Beach House - 8p -12p

May 18th - Plunkett Dodge Benefit

May 23rd - Locals Tavern 9p-1a

May 24th - Private Event Harker's Island, NC

May 30th - Holiday Inn Resort Wrightsville Beach 7p-10p

June 14th - The Pub@Sweet&Savory - 3pm -6pm

June 20th - Airlie Gardens Summer Concert Series

June 21st - The Palm Room @Wrightsville Beach 9p-1a

July 12th - Private Event

July 18th - The Rusty Nail 9p - 1a

July 19th - The SoundBar 10p-1a

July 26th - Pembrokes 9p - 12a

August 2nd - The Palm Room @Wrightsville Beach 10p-2a

August 22nd - The Beach House - 8p - 12p

August 23rd - Gaffer's @ Ocracoke 9p-1a

August 29th - The Pub@Sweet&Savory 7p-10p

October 3rd - Gaffer's @ Ocracoke 9p-1a

October 4th - Gaffer's @ Ocracoke 9p-1a

November 8th - Private Event



January 4th - The Pub @ Sweet and Savory 9p-12a

February 1st - Duck and Dive 10p - 2a

February 15th - The Pub @ Sweet and Savory 9p-12a

March 2nd - Duck and Dive 10p - 2a

March 9th - Benefit Topsail Baptist Church  12a-5p

March 15th - The Rusty Nail 9p-1a (St. Paddy's!)

March 22nd - NHRMC Celebrate the Gold Event@Landfall Country Club

March 23rd - The Pub @ Sweet and Savory 9p-12a

March 30th - Beach House Benefit

April 6-7th - Gaffers @ Ocracoke Island

April 27th - Duck and Dive 10p - 2a

May 4th - Locals Tavern 9p-1a (Cinco De Mayo wknd)

May 10th -Duck and Dive 10p-2a

May 24-25 - Private Event

June 14th - Holiday Inn Sunspree 7p-10p

June 21st - Airlie Gardens Concert Series 6pm

June 22nd - The Palm Room. 9p-1a

June 28th - Duck and Dive 10p - 2a

July 13-14th Gaffers @ Ocracoke Island

July 18th - WECT Sounds of Summer 6pm - 7:30pm

July 20th - Duck and Dive 10p - 2a

July 27th - The Beach House 8p-12p

July 29th - Ziggy's by the Sea 9p-11p

August 23rd - Duck and Dive 10p - 2a

Sept 6th - Holiday Inn Sunspree 7p-10p

Sept 7th - Duck and Dive 10p - 2a

Sept 14th - The Beach House 8p-12p

Sept 20th - Private Event

Oct 5th - The Palm Room 10p - 2a

Oct. 11th - The Beach House 8p-12p

Oct 26th - Gaffers @ Ocracoke Island 10p - 2a

Oct 27th - Private Event @ New Bern, NC

Nov 2nd - Marcaroo Benefit 3pm

Nov 3rd - Kidney Benefit @ The Beach House 3pm

Nov 8th - The Rusty Nail 9p-1a

Nov. 9th - Private Event @ Scotts Hill 4pm-8pm

Dec 1st - Private Event

Dec 7th - Locals Tavern 9p-1a

Dec 20th - Beach Bumz 9p-1a

Dec 21st - Duck and Dive 10p - 2a

Dec 31st - Private Event 6p - 10p

'Shine is booking  dates for Spring/Summer 2014 now!

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